Various Types of Texts to Send To a Guy

Types of Texts to Send To a GuyTexts are normally used to contact a person whom you know but are not much familiar to directly contact him on phone. This can be considered a way to start being familiar to each other whether in a business relationship, love or only for flirting or dating. People choose various types of texts to send to a guy.

Some of the kinds of texts used for this purpose are being given through this article for your reference.

Functional Texts to Send to a Guy

Functional texts: messages like Good Morning or Good night are termed as functional text messages as they have nothing special or specific to say for the reader. People usually take such messages as routine messages as they have nothing important as well as objectionable for them.

Flirty Texts to Send to a Guy

You can use functional texts not only for greeting someone but also for other types of messages including funny, mysterious, romantic type of texts.

You can bid a good morning to a guy or your beloved then you can also use Cute Texts for this purpose that can attract him and compel him to think of your concern about them. Thus you should use creative texts even for the functional messages to your loved one as well as formal relationships.

Sending Some Funny Texts to Your Guy

Funny texts: This type of text is used to send messages to someone intimate with you to give him a smile which may even amuse his whole day. You can use jokes and funny sentences in such text messages. Humor is generally appreciated by people, especially men, but it should be sensible and not hurt the feelings of the reader.

You should use the texts that make positive sense of humor for the reader instead of using offensive words that may annoy them instead of amusing. Moreover you should not pose like a clown in your text messages as it will degrade your position in the eyes of the reader.

Try Some Conversational Texts to Him

Conversational texts: These are normally used to start conversation with the person know formally for long and are updating the things that had happened in the recent past. Such texts take time to express your feelings even to your beloved. Such conversational messages should be accomplished from your side as it will send a message that you care for him and he will keep on waiting for your messages eagerly. Do choose this type of texts to send to a guy.

Updating Texts to Keep Your Guy Informed

Update texts: This type of text is used to update the person you are sending the message about the conditions running at present. Whether it is your sweetheart or some formal person whom you are sending the message in such type of texts they sound only to update them with the prevailing conditions. Thus such type of messages can keep you in touch with him as well as keep your memories evergreen in his mind.

Sending Sweet and Sexy Texts to Your Boyfriend

Love texts: The texts used to express your love for your boyfriend that can make them fly in the air are termed as sweet love texts to send to a guy you like the most. Such texts are used normally to express your love for your beloved and are usually sent frequently to make her/him believe on your love. Such texts are also used to keep your love evergreen in the mind of your beloved as sending infrequent love messages may create doubts in the mind of your moved one whether you have forgot him/her.

Dirty Text Messages to Send to a Guy

Sexy texts: This type of text is another form of love quotes as they are normally used to evoke sexual sentiments in your beloved and for giving him a feel of your desire for sexual relationship with him. Such texts to send to a guy are used to express your desire for his nearness and the intimate moments of your life. They are also sent to add spice to your love relationship and a feeling of desire to your guy.

Try Some Mysterious Texts

Mysterious texts: Some people use mysterious texts to their loving guys that can increase their curiosity about the words sent by you. Such messages can add a feeling of curiosity to their routine life. You can use some astonishing words in your text messages that may make him curious and eager to reply back to your message.

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